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About Hannah

Its amazing how moments in our life can change our perspective in an instant.
After my daughter was born with a heart disease it made me realise just how precious life's little moments can be. We are so blessed to be living in a world filled with technology where we can capture special moments on camera, something I have appreciated more since my children were born. I have always loved taking photo's and I love capturing a moment. Although I have not completed a course, I am starting this business to help encourage my passion and grow as a photographer, but more importantly to share my eye for capturing the moment with those who also appreciate how important this can be. I am known for saying...."they will never be this little again", a sentiment that carries into my work by capturing the essence of the moment on camera. I have a passion for taking photo's and I would love to build an album.

Are you always the unofficial photographer at events?

Do you ever look back at photo's and get disappointed you are not in them?
Or how about when there are five people taking photo's and no one is looking at the same camera at the same time?
Or the day has gone too quick and you forgot to get a family photo?

We spend so much time planning parties and when the party is over all that is left is a mess and a memory.
Let me capture the moments so you can relax and enjoy making the memories. This may include baptisms ,birthdays, special occasions or just an old fashioned photo shoot. If the moment is important to you, it will be important to me too.
Life is way too short, it passes so quickly and our photos allow us to hold those moments in our hearts and fresh in our minds.

"A moment, a photo, a memory for life"

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